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Infrared panel heaters

Védőráccsal szerelveInfrared elements were mainly developed for industrial purposes, surface heating of solids and for drying tasks. The main characteristics of such industrial heaters were the high surface temperatures (400-800-1800°C). Their wave-length is between 1,6-3,9 µm and their energy density on the surface of the heaters is between 1,2-7,5 W/cm2.

Due to the researches and technical developments done in the USA and the Far East, there appeared the infrared panel heaters which can be efficiently used, without having side-effects, in therapeutics, natural healing and cosmetics. The main characteristics of these panel heaters are the low surface temperatures (60-120°C) and the long-wave (2-25 µm) infrared radiation.

Nyers felületsugárzókThe infrared rays are invisible and totally absorbed by the organism. They penetrate deeply into the skin, where they turn into heat-energy and are distributed by the bloodstream in the whole body, producing a nice feeling of hot.

The OZSP infrared panel heater is one of this kind, which was exclusively developed to "heat" the human body. Its big surface enables the evenly spatial distribution of heat. Its surface temperature is 80-100°C, the wave-length of the radiation is 7-10 µm, which is identical with the radiation wave-length of the human body.

The OZSP infrared panel heater is an electric heating element which consists of two insulating plates with electrodes on the edges of the longer sides of the insulating plates. We find a mixture of carbon among the electrodes and the insulating plates, which transforms the 230V electric energy connected to the electrodes into thermal energy. The thermal energy is then transmitted to the living organism through infrared radiation. The effective surface of the insulating plates is coated with silicon crystals in order to intensify the heat transmission surface.

Nyers felületsugárzóWe find aluminium foil and heat-insulating plate on the other side of the insulating plates, which serve to prevent the emission of energy on the backside. The effective surface has an aesthetic design painted in a very light-yellow which fits the natural colour of wood, is evaporation-proof and tolerates high temperatures. The heating panels and the insulating layers are put in a lamina-frame to increase stability. Electric connection is made by the silicon wire lead through the stuffing-box.

Efficiency: 95-97%
Infrared radiation: 7-10 µm (long-wave)
Surface temperature: 80-100 °C
Classification: CE

Guarantee: 5 years

Dimensions of OZSP infrared panel heaters

180 W

230x880x19 mm

350 W

530x880x19 mm

400 W

530x980x19 mm

500 W

630x980x19 mm